Monday, 17 December 2007

Armaan - Bappi Lahiri

With a track name as good as this one you've got to be curious

Rambha Ho Ho Ho Sambha Ho Ho Ho.mp3

Read the comments re track below

Gibson Brothers "Que Sera Mi Vida".mp3


  1. It's... it's USHA!

    Son of a BITCH, I love Usha.

    And Bappi, you "I Feel Love"-stealin' MANIAC you...

    Ohhhh..... Ecstasy! You gotta post this full album somewhere.

  2. celui là rentre directement dans mon top 5

  3. miss van der rohe , merci for your comment however my understanding of French is poor
    May I say what an interesting blog you run

  4. Hi Phil,

    Super post! Excellent track (I believe the song is from 1981). Thanks so much for posting. It's interesting to note how everyone knows the Donna Summer reference (even power sites such as Discogs and DJs like Tom Middleton on "Crazy Covers"), but I haven't seen the reference to the Gibson Brothers "Que Sera Mi Vida" from 1979. Maybe everyone knows this already, but I haven't seen any reference. Thanks again for all the work; it is much appreciated.

    Peace, Jerome

  5. Nice comparison Jerome, can hear it

    Will up load the track so readers can compare

  6. Excellent ! Phil, would you please share the track "Tich Batna Di Jodi" ?? I would be really really grateful to you. Thanks alot :)
    I appreciate it.


  7. Harshi , Hi nice to have a visitor
    I only have the cd version of this soundtrack sorry dont have the trck your after
    01 - Rambha Ho Ho Ho Sambha Ho Ho Ho
    02 - Mere Jaesi Haseena
    03 - Jeevan Mitana Hai Diwanapan
    04 - Zindagi Ke Raste Mein
    05 - Pyar Hi Jeene Ki Soorat Hai

  8. Oh its ok Phil !
    Actually I have the record which features the song on the SIDE B but then my record is at my house and I am faaaar away right now. Thanks anyway! If I rip my vinyl to a CD I will send you the song. I have the rest songs. Thanks Phil !