Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Zakhmee - Bappi Lahiri

Nothing Is Impossible.mp3


  1. The music is great, the images are a feast for the eyes---thank you for doing what you do! I will be back!

  2. thank you for the bappi ! now, you wouldn't have his spectacular red light no green light from 'pyar ke kablil' ?

  3. hello. fantastic blog. i was wondering if you have LAXMIKANT PYARELALs' "fifty fifty" soundtrack ?????

    keep up the good work!

  4. Sorry I have a few more from Bappii Lahiri and L Pyarelal but cant help with either of those

    Maybe a kind reader will post them here :)

  5. Hello! Thanks for the link to Mort Garson Plantasia! I've never heard about it.
    I am glad i've found your blog, as a friend of mine is spending 3 monthes in India at the moment. I hope he will have enough time to search some good old vinyl records for me. I can't wait. Do you know what is the average vinyl prices in India for 70's/80's bollywood soundtracks? Maybe it could help him. Thanks in advance.

    As my comrade Baikinange says: i will be back!

  6. PhantomOfTheRadio

    From what I gather it is more expensive for vinyl in India than here in the UK but its always good to try
    Will look forward to some contributions here when your friend returns

  7. Hi Phil and congrats for your blog!
    As a library fan, you should enjoy mine :

    Feel free to swing by!

    + Paul

  8. Paul ...discovered your blog a little while back , awesome !
    Will contribute something for you ...

  9. fantastic blog and terrific shares..thanx for the hard work.