Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Bappi Lahiri - Disco Dancer

Yaad Aa Rahi Hai

I am a Disco Dancer


  1. A Great blog..found some crazy and wonderfull songs..thanks for sharing...I'll be back

  2. I adore this cheesebag of a flick.

    I do hope someone posts this entire soundtrack because my rip has skips in the life-altering track "I am a Disco Dancer."

    Anyway, because I adore this flick, I took a minute and tweaked the color on your scan. You can post it if you feel it's closer to the original (I had to guess at it).

    I posted my tweak at:

  3. Many thanks litlgrey for the comment and the cover, would you like me to post "I am a disco dancer" track for you

  4. If you do that, I will worship you to pieces!

  5. It would be a pleasure, on its way

  6. The eighties can only be described as Hindi film music’s dark ages.So, it’s hard to pick the best musician of the eighties. But what is extremely easy to do is pick the musician who defined the eighties. That musician was Bappi Lahiri.
    Planet Radio City takes on the uncrowned king of disco...

    Pretty funny :D