Tuesday, 16 December 2008

My early xmas present


  1. Sorry to hear about you being in hospital; hope you're well now! Glad to see you back here.
    And nice sitar! (it is a sitar, isn't it?)
    PC x

  2. Thanks PC
    It sure is !

    I can play guitar , just got to get my head/hands round this :)

  3. I hope you are okay now! Fabulous present! Is there any sitar instructors near your place?

  4. Thank you nimbupani
    Sadly no instructors near me ...

  5. Hope you are doing great now!
    Thanks for the link back:)
    Loved the sound from Don and Van Shipley!

  6. Sweet ride Phil!
    Let me know when you play out!

    Merry merry, Happy happy,

  7. Yowza Phil! That's a beauty!
    I've put out the word you need some instruction.
    You need Ravi Shankar's soundtrack to "Charly" give me a holler.

    Praying 2009 is a hospital free year for you. Best wishes always.

  8. @LT merry xmas to you too

    @isbum thanks and when you have a mo "charly" would be fantatsic

  9. Thanks Phil for the interesting music. I enjoyed hearing Faud Hassan's take on Araby.

    Which is more beautiful, your new sitar or the Indo Jazzmen album cover? My friend at the thrift shop didn't have a how-to book on the sitar, so she suggested that you study a book on bass guitar, "Same thing, right? Only four strings, right?" Oh well...

  10. HiFiTunes hope you have a good xmas, maybe santa will bring me a learn sitar book, I'm sure sitar's are very popular in Lapland :)

  11. Glad to see you're doing well and what a great looking and hopefully sounding sitar ; )

    I used to have Sitar Power 1 and saw this guy when I lived in Ca, long, long ago.

    I do not know anyone playing, but he was gifted.

    Check his site out and wish I had the videos, 'cause you know I'd gladly send 'em to you.


    Hope this is a good year 4 you! ; )

    Cheers! M

  12. Hiya my old friend, delighted to hear from you , hope your well and your xmas was joyous will drop you an email :)