Sunday, 16 August 2009

Shree Ramdas Satsang Mandal

Couldn't translate the titles, have uploaded the first track on side B for listening

If anyone wants this album it is one I have for sale.
I'm going to have bit of a clearout of some of my records soon and will post pictures on the blog when all sorted

寿限無寿限無寿限無 .mp3


  1. Swastika is an ancient Indian symbol hijacked by the nazis. It annoys me whenever anybody seems a "swastik" symbol and immediately feels like they have seen something "wrong" or "incorrect". Read more here:

  2. I can tell you it's in Gujarati. These Gujarati Bhajan (religious) songs. I am no expert but I think the album name reads 'Santvani', meaning 'Words of Saint'.

  3. I think there's nothing wrong with the swastika on the back. If I remember correctly Indians have been using it for hundreds or even thousands of years as a symbol of Kali. Wikipedia should know more ;)

  4. swastika is a religious symbol, hinduist obviously, as well as buddhist... it denotes good luck. not to be confused with all that nazi crap.

  5. Thanks for evryone's input
    Please excuse my ignorance on this, not the usual type of album I pick up

  6. Hi there am looking for the record:
    Shree Ramdas Satsang Mandal.

    please contact me at: