Thursday, 24 June 2010

Solar Plexus - Earth Songs

Erik Golub on Violin & Electric Viola & Tamboura

Raga Thumri.mp3


  1. Hello from California, it's Eric Golub! Wow, that album has been unavailable for more than 25 years! Let me know if you're interested in other recordings, and thanks for listening.

  2. Earth Songs was the last Solar Plexus release, and my first as a member. The group had completed a full-length demo for a new album, but then broke up. Solar Plexus is now preparing to release that 1981 recording later this year, and will re-unite to perform in support of the new album.

    I've also appeared on two Larry Vuckovich albums, mostly principally "Blue Balkan" (including the "Blue Balkan; Then & Now" CD in which I appear on the original tracks from 1980 and new ones recorded in 2001!), and also "City Sounds, Village Voices".

    You may want to check out the CD "Asian Fusion" by the Bay Area group Ancient Future --I play viola in the Indian style on one cut and Japanese fiddle (but in the west Javanese style) on another.

    Other album appearances of note include Tom Taylor's "The Crossing", Neck N Neck's "Hearsay" (another solo on Japanese fiddle) and more recently in the pop realm, Vanessa Van Spall's "Cotton-Poly Blend".

    Thanks again!

  3. Hey, I left out some of the best ones:

    I appear on the first four Ian Dogole albums, including "Along The Route" (features my best India-style violin improv on the song Ode To Ajanta), "Ionospheres", and "Dangerous Ground" (perhaps the best one, worth tracking down).

    Also: John Kaizan Neptune's "Tokyosphere" from Japan's JVC label, I debuted the Japanese fiddle on its track "Tokyo Blues".

  4. Some resume for sure, plenty for me to search out
    Thank you again and especially for your inspirational playing, truly wonderful :)

  5. Hello Phil,

    Well, it's finally out. After a hiatus of only 30 years, Solar Plexus' 5th album, imaginatively titled "Solar Plexus #5" has been released, and rehearsals planned for a reunited band:

    Your friend,


  6. Hi Eric, great as always to have you visit here, thanks for the heads up, had a listen to the soundclips, sounds good, will pick it up

    Hope alls well with you