Friday, 1 February 2008

RD Burman - Caravan

With this song from 1971- Piya Tu Ab To Aja, Burman invented a new revolutionary style of music featuring surf guitars, sleazy jazz sax, moody vibes, spanish trumpet, eerie organ playing, a big band and a ridiculous number of breaks, bridges and rhythm changes ...fantastic stuff

Piya Tu Ab To Aaja.mp3


  1. Phil, are you still looking for Nagin 54? Or Prof Pyarelaal?

  2. deewani , I most certainly am however I do believe that PC @ third floor will eventually post them
    Any contribution is extremely welcome as are you :)

    If you send anything or want anything I have comment moderation so would not post private info

  3. hey phil, how are you? did u find your requests ;)? I hope so.
    meanwhile, I enjoying very much with your proposals.
    be fine man!


  4. yes thanks yoshime* my requests are progressing very well :)

    hope alls good in your world

  5. deewani, so many thanks

    As to you starting a blog please include me if you go private, that is one of the reasons (violation of terms of service etc.) why I only post odd tracks and not complete albums

    btw yes, that was me @ hamara

  6. Absolutely phil, and you need not credit me.

  7. Excellent music! I thank you for enlightening me on this artist. Would there be anyway to get a download of the rest of the album?
    Thanx again...

  8. Yes, fantastic - especially while watching Helen!

  9. Did you ever find Caravan? If not, I just found it somewhere else. Here's the link: