Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Balsara and his Singing Sitars - Exciting Sounds

Puppet on a String.mp3

Done in a beautiful bossa stylee, I bet even Sandie Shore would enjoy it


  1. Ahhhh...Ure a nice killer for putting tracks like this.
    Really love this one.But I was a fan of Balsara since ure other post about his Golden Hits.Can I have the rest of his exciting sounds you think ? You will be very kind.

  2. thank u very much for the link Phil...I was looking for this on tuesday and i found -basichipdigitalgold- with all his Treasures.
    Anyway, i will still be present with my "awfulwriting" on ure blog.peace and merci again.

  3. Fiasco , your welcome , did you get it from basichip , I've never tried getting anything from them just wondered how it went ?

  4. Re-Hello Phil...I just ordered it.easy-fast-good packaging (just missed the back cover).I just have to listened it now !!!So basichip is good.
    I ordered SONG OF THE NAIROBI TRIO because of the cover and the sample too...

  5. Hi,
    I need this entire album..let me know what i can provide you in exchange...

  6. Ashish thanks for your comment

    you can dl this album here for the princley sum of $1.25

  7. Hi phil

    I tried the link you posted, but unfortunately they do not have it. could you kindly tell me how can i purchase Balsara and his singing sitars. Would like to gift my folks the album. its their favorite.


  8. Anon Dreamer , hi so I presume Basic Hip has taken it down , quite hard to pick up this album just had a look on ebay but with no luck
    If you send me your email will send a link for you if thats ok

  9. Anon Dreamer you can pick it up here

  10. wow! thanks so much.. ^^
    Appreciate it, really.