Wednesday, 11 February 2009

RD Burman - Chor Police

Far prefer the back cover to the front, just amazing
Anyway this, another contribution comes from a very good friend, Arkadin
You can find the link for the entire album in the comments



  2. WOW!! i appreciate the tip so much phil thanks for remembering me... the lp is very rare.. i got seriously outbid on ebay when it appeared late last thanks to you for helping me finally add this to my collection.. this album is very different than so many others... Pancham took a new direction with this one.. aaj mera dil is truly out of this world... amazing!
    ( i want to see this movie too.. the video for aaj mera dil is really wild.. )

  3. DJ Carlito , I'd love to see this movie too
    Chor Police went for $78 last week on ebay, mint copy ...

  4. at first i really wanted this album ( maybe because eveyone praised it so much) but then i heard the songs a few times and did not like it all!